What Is A Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring?

There are a lot of information on how to wear the best jewelry for women. However, there is almost no information about this regarding men. It is true that almost all women use jewelry as part of their common accessories; this could be the reason to be such an exciting market. The truth is, however, that men are also very good at selecting and wearing accessories and jewelry.

Most men are used to the idea of wearing their wedding bands for the rest of their married life. But, rings can have many different meanings according to the material they are made of. It is not the same to wear a solid and simple gold band than a pigeon blood ruby ring. Any magazine you open will have a separated article on a fashion item for women, there is an absolute lack of these regarding men. This is the gap that we want to fill today. Many men are interested in wearing their precious jewels the right way. Ruby rings can cause a great impact if worn correctly.

Meaning of the name Pigeon Blood

Some rings have a very heavy cultural and religious meaning. The best example of this is the wedding band. However, a pigeon blood ruby ring takes its name from a very ancient tradition as well. It is said that the color of the blood that comes out of the nose of a pigeon is the exact same color of this magnificent ruby, no wonder it is certified to be the best color a ruby can be. As you may know, it is very difficult to find pure, saturated colors in natural objects. Rubies are not an exception if you find a ruby that is certified to be pigeon blood rest assured you had found true quality.

Uses of Ruby rings

One of the most interesting uses of rubies through history has been its relation to health. Rubies were believed to have healing powers and were used by ancient soldiers as protection against diseases and any harm. Although this power can be limited, today’s science of the power of colors can give some support to this belief. The color red is said to be associated with motivation, creativity, and sexual drive, which makes this ruby a great option for therapeutic treatment of depression or anxiety.

In ancient times, rubies were more valuable even than diamonds. It was considered the queen of all gemstones. It had been largely associated with being a talisman for passion, prosperity and health protection. This is the reason why many used it as an amulet against diseases and plagues.

Modern uses for ruby rings

Besides their traditional and ancient use, there are also more modern and magnificent family rings that use rubies. In this case, the ring usually displays the pigeon blood ruby next to some symbol of importance and significance for the family. This symbol could be related to the family coat of arms. In these cases, the meaning of the ring is very exclusive, and only the members of such a family are able to identify the symbols in it quickly. It is not a general convention or a norm followed by outsiders.

Today, the properties of a ruby ring are as impressive as in the past. It is related to an increase in concentration and motivation, which is why it is a perfect option for family rings.

Pigeon blood ruby certificates

In the beginning, the purest and best-colored rubies were only those Burmese Rubies. But, from 1998 there is the possibility of finding stones that can be designated pigeon’s-blood red regardless of their origin. Adi Perretti is the one responsible for the expansion of the designation based on the purity of the color and not only the place of origin. A position that surely stirred up the market and started to create controversy and competition among manufacturers and other companies. Behind this decision lies the answer to why pigeon blood became almost a synonym for such great and desirable red color in precious stones.

It is important to remember that wearing a pigeon blood ruby ring can be over-stimulating for some people. While it is used to overcome exhaustion and lethargy with a magnificent gem, it can be too much for some people.

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