7 best custom printed retail boxes design ideas

Packaging is a crucial element in today’s branding market. However, a limited number of companies offer custom printed retail boxes design ideas with full flexibility for brand packaging solutions. Yet, there are companies available to offer a wide range of custom printed packaging services such as corrugated, rigid and folding carton boxes. These make it easier to produce custom printed retail boxes with your own brand logo. In the product branding industry, packaging can go a long way when it comes to delivering the products to a specific target audience. The design industry is a vast field where designers are sought of for their fantastic creativity in producing exceptional design ideas.
Why choose factories who offer custom printed retail boxes?

1. Starting from low to a minimum to no setup cost

Factories that offer printed retail boxes design ideas initially have their printing plates and die cut ready for use. Therefore, there will be no setup cost for your packaging options. This is a competitive and fair approach.

2. Printing facilities with custom sizes

Such company proposes all packaging services in an entirely customizable format. You can include your logo and any specific design idea. With the printing facilities, you build retail boxes as per your image.
3. Quality assurance
Furthermore, the factories are fully equipped with facilities such as offset printing and die cut press. The industry offer assurance in every product they design with excellent quality control at industry standards.
4. Customer service support
One of the most important features any industry should offer is full-service support. Such companies have dedicated specialists who will guide you through the process of ordering custom printed retail boxes from design to production phases.
The 7 best custom printed retail boxes design ideas
To answer this, you need to think why did you purchase a product. Was it impressive? Did the product-packaging stand out! Alternatively, was it something you genuinely needed? The purpose of packaging is to make your product sell. That is why it is essential to know the different requirements for having great design ideas. Below are tips on the 7 best custom printed retail boxes design ideas. You could adopt them to make your product stand out and draw the attention of consumers.
1. Save up storage
Think of using every single space of the box. Creating a custom packaging can just do the trick. Use both the interior and exterior of the printed retail boxes by making patterns. These will upscale the box and makes the product inside more fashionable.
2. Use stylization
Moreover, consider making your illustrations a textural element. There is no use of making your graphics realistic; you can stylize them in custom printed retail boxes design ideas. Making the design throughout the box will at first glance let you eager to explore the product.
3. Adopt a modern look
Always embrace for a sleek and modern look of your design ideas. Simple designs use clean lines, sans-serif fonts and simple colors. A retail box with a modern approach will make it even more modern by drawing instant attention of consumers.
4. Use texture physically
Texture plays a vital role in custom printed retail boxes design ideas. With the new design trend, branding companies are using texture physically rather than visually. Consumers interact with the packaging; therefore, an appeal to the sense of touch is incredible. The physical texture on retail boxes will add up interesting sensation to your hands.
5. Reflect on the interior
The outside of the box should be interesting. However, consider creating the inside of the box with multiple parts. This will be easy to display your product and fit it neatly.
6. Give a sneak peek
Being able to see what is inside the packaging is incredibly important. Giving a sneak peek of your product is the new design idea trend. Nowadays, every consumer wants to know what is inside the packaging.
7. Make use of the product
An interesting way to get upon custom printed retail boxes design ideas is to utilize the product itself as part of the packaging. Instead of just displaying your product inside a box, try making use of the product by incorporating an illusion to the packaging.

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